Airship travel for a new era

The golden era of travel 


From the highly decorative to the stark brutalist design, airships of 100 years ago were varied in appearance but known for their lavish experiences. OceanSky Cruises is taking this legacy into a new era to bring to you high luxury while keeping our carbon footprint low and highlighting the best of low-touristed destinations.

We are bringing a new era to travel rooted in the deepest values of exploration, luxury, and sustainability. Airships can fly for days and don’t need airports for landing. They can land and access the remote and unexplored corners of the world. Their size allows us to provide large and comfortable cabins, lounges, fine dining areas, and big panoramic windows like no other current means of air travel. Given their unique lifting capabilities, energy efficiency is maximised making them one, if not the most, sustainable vehicles.

Our first expedition will make history by landing an airship on the North Pole for the first time in history. In the near future, we will be operating more airships and expeditions around the world. Join us on our North Pole expedition and be inspired by our Capricorn Voyage.

View from the past
Airlander glass-bottom view

(right) Photo courtesy of Nationaal Archief


Historical viewing gallery

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Max Pinucci

OceanSky Cruises, Head of Design

“…White-gloved waiters serve à la carte dishes prepared in the electric kitchen. Services and furnishings are impeccably branded, the company logo stands out on porcelain, cutlery, tablecloths and menus. The captain entertains the diners who, after meals, look out of the large windows enjoying the scenery that flows slowly, two hundred meters below, crossed by the shadow of the leviathan that glides through the sky at 115 kilometers per hour.”

Bringing sustainable travel 

back to the skies

OceanSky Cruises has one main focus and that is to bring the airship back to the public as a viable way of travel again. In today’s world, we are facing a clean energy crisis and at OceanSky Cruises, we are doing our part to combat this crisis by creating an airline with extremely low energy needs. By choosing airships, one gets to float with the clouds and turn the passage into the most incredible part of the journey.

Graf Zeppelin before take-off

(left) Photo courtesy of San Diego Air and Space Museum


Carl-Oscar Lawaczeck

OceanSky Cruises, CEO and Founder

“Let’s imagine a future with only renewable energy production…Aviation is the most challenging of all industries to make sustainable because it requires a significant amount of energy to lift weight upwards with one exception: Lighter Than Air technology. So, I think that airships can become a symbol, a messenger of humanity’s transition to sustainable activities on Earth. If we can fix aviation we can fix everything…” 

Trains in the sky

Reevaluating how we view airships

Airships are commonly compared to airplanes, probably because both are aerial vehicles. However, that’s where the similarities end.  We can, in a future of sustainable travel, consider airships as a travel option similar to the way we use trains… What if we can deploy an “aerial railway system of the sky”, literally overnight, in an area that suffers from sub developed transportation network, imagine what that would do to the economic prosperity in the region. We would instantly create an opportunity for less developed areas, to leapfrog into a buzzing economy of trade and commerce without leaving a footprint…


View from a train