OceanSky Cruises invites its first 100 passengers to become company shareholders

The Swedish company will be launching 100 “Pioneer” tickets, of which the first ones will be released in July. Its sale, for a price from 240.000 USD per double cabin, will be directly linked to company share ownership.

The first 100 passengers who will fly on the first 9 North Pole season expeditions, will become shareholders in OceanSky cruises, a company that aims to lead the new era of sustainable aviation through airships.

These aeronauts will be the very first travellers in history to land on the North Pole aboard an airship. Not only will they be pioneers on this epic journey, they will also become OceanSky Cruises’ shareholders, investing in the future of sustainable aviation which goes well beyond the first expedition to the North Pole. A future that will bring travel and transportation into a new era of decarbonized aviation.

The pioneer tickets are by invitations to lead thinkers that supports the agenda of ushering in a new paradigm in aviation, free from fossil fuels and heavy infrastructure. The pioneer aeronauts is a group of individuals committed to sustainability that values the low and slow way of life.

According to Carl-Oscar Lawaczeck, OceanSky’s CEO and founder, “OceanSky Cruises’ vision and mission is to lead the future of sustainable aviation, not through new fuels nor short range electric airplanes, but by bringing airships back to the skies with zero carbon footprint”.

The Swedish company’s objective is to become an airline of airships, with a forecasted fleet of over 100 airships by 2030, focusing on the ultra-luxury experiential travel segment and air cargo segments in the beginning.

The transportation industry is valued 7 trillion USD, and airships can offer a service no other vehicle can deliver. At first, through specialized remote cargo logistics and ultra-luxury experiential travel, but as technology matures and financial and manufacturing costs decrease, wider market applications will be available.

An epic expedition to the North Pole, by airship

Almost one century after the explorer Roald Amundsen overflew the North Pole aboard the airship “Norge”, without landing, OceanSky Cruises plans to land for the first time in history on the geographical North Pole in a series of unique expeditions by airship. The expedition will depart from Longyearbyen, Svalbard, to land on the North Pole.

Airships don’t need airports to take off or land and are light and hyper-efficient. They combine helium lifting power together with aerodynamic lift created by their hull’s shape. The airship, close to 100mts in length, flies on 4 propeller engines and can fly autonomously for days. The technology used is called Lighter-than-Air (LTA).

The passenger gondola can carry up to 16 travellers and 7 crew members and has been designed as a flying luxury hotel with large panoramic windows and an unrivaled level of comfort and service on board. The cabin is not pressurised, allowing a comfortable ambience on board. The cruise is performed with a slow cruise speed and low altitude offering beautiful sightseeing opportunities.

The expedition will depart from Svalbard and enjoy an exclusive on board menu prepared by a prestigious chef. The night will be spent on board on comfortable and fully equipped suites, before landing the following morning at the North Pole. The approximate total duration will be 36 hours. The price per cabin for two people is currently from 240.000 USD.

OceanSky Cruisesaeronauts will be pioneers in a new way of travel, without leaving a footprint. For Carl-Oscar Lawaczeck, OceanSky’s CEO and founder: “The North Pole expedition is aimed to the traveller who wants to experience the Artic in a unique way, and at the same time contribute to the development of a new era of sustainable travel”. Some of the first season expeditions will be led by the prestigious Arctic expert and climate activist Robert Swan.

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Inge Serrano. inge@oceansky.se – www.oceanskycruises.com